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Viseart Bijouxette Étendu: Wearing the Earth Rainbow

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All over Instagram are gorgeous, expertly applied rainbow eye looks with bright neon shades or washed out pastels. But the rainbow look I’ve wanted to make on myself is grungier, earthier, jewel toned, and I’ve been on the hunt for the palette that would do that for me.

A jewel toned rainbow look using multiple shades from Viseart Bijouxette Étendu

Enter Viseart Bijouxette Étendu. I’ve desired this palette for a while and finally got it for myself as a New Year's gift (we all need a little something for surviving 2021, though it doesn't have to be retail therapy). At first sight I knew this palette would give me that coveted earth rainbow.

It's the perfect sized jewel toned palette and comes with a mirror. I don't like working with enormous palettes because of my mobility issues and this lightweight 12 pan palette in elegant cardboard green and gold Art Deco inspired packaging is the perfect shape and feels great in the palm.

The jewel tones inspired by the opulent 20s are stunning and easy to work with. Like everyone says, Viseart shadows blends themselves and it's true. I've only ever used their matte formula before and it was delightful to discover that their metallic and shimmer formulas are just as buttery and blendable. There was fallout from the purple shade Velveteen and the bright blue shade Cubism when applying, but after setting with a little spray they stayed in place on the eye.

Single swipe finger swatches of the shades in Viseart Bijouxette Étendu, on fair cool toned skin, photo taken in daylight.

I wanted to see the intensity and longevity of the shades on bare skin so my lids were only prepped with my regular skincare routine (hydrating serum and SPF), no concealer or primer.

After 6 hours of wear there was a minute amount of creasing, no small feat considering the folds in my lids. I thought I saw a few specks of Cubism and Velveteen on my under eye much later in the evening. Those could have been from earlier during application and I didn’t clean up as well as I thought, or it was fall out during the day. Given that most metallic and shimmer shadows will fall completely off my eyes onto my cheeks throughout the day, I’d say Viseart takes the throne as one of the few eyeshadow formulas that lasts on my creased, deep set, hooded eyelids.

A red and golden brown smokey eye using Viseart Bijouxette Étendu

I also did a more “wearable” red and gold look (the definiton of which is entirely subjective) that lasted beautifully for an entire day with a bit of fading of the red shade Ruby in the outer corner, where the most friction happens on my lid due to the folds. But it faded evenly and looked like a more brown toned smokey eye by the end of the day. Final thoughts: All in all, I am so happy I made this purchase and I think it’s for anyone who wants to play with bold colors. Because many Viseart shadows are designed to be used wet or dry, there’s a lot of versatility and I look forward to using some of these shades for a colorful graphic liner look.

At the time of this review the palette retails for $44 on

A photo of the inside of the Viseart Bijouxette Étendu palette

A photo of the external packaging of Viseart Bijouxette Étendu

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