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Introductions and My Makeup Philosophy

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

My wonderful friends introduced me to the world of makeup in 2015. But it wasn't until 2018, a few weeks after the birth of my child, that beauty became a consistent creative outlet. My first hobby that was just for me. Not for spiritual growth, not for the betterment of society, not for a job, not for perfection's sake. Just something I loved and could explore to my heart's content.

When I first got into beauty, my influences were of course those friends, and the people at the top of beauty YouTube at the time. I don't want to link to them here because they are all embroiled in some level of controversy, but the emphasis was on lots of contouring, changing the structure of the face with makeup, and lots and lots of setting powder.

Unfortunately their style of makeup didn't look good on me in real life. I would do a full face under the bright lights of my bathroom only to get into my car, pull down the mirror, and see so much cakiness and texture and be horrified. I have dry dehydrated skin and those techniques would never suit me.

So I began to explore other makeup Youtubers, professional makeup artists, and Instagram. I found Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell, Bobbi Brown, Kackie Reviews Beauty, Matilda on Video, Amanda Z, etc, etc. And I began to look earnestly into brands and products that the controversial beauty YouTubers deemed unacceptable. Turns out sheer, dewy, light coverage products were exactly what I needed for my skin and makeup needs. I fell head over heels in love with cream and liquid highlighters, blushes, eyeshadows, and bronzers. I found setting powders that I could apply lightly but would still extended the wear-time of my makeup. I discovered non-clumping mascaras that would enhance, define, and lengthen my lashes and even add drama without looking like spider legs. I don't buy into the idea that makeup is for other people. It's not about obsessive perfection or what others think. It's an intentional ritual I partake in almost daily to explore color, texture, and to get to know better the contours and beauty of my own face. Maybe that sounds vain, but I think we could all use a lot more self-love and self-confidence than putting ourselves down when we look in the mirror.

I also don't think perfection is the price I have to pay to enjoy the style of makeup I do. I've read lots of articles and seen TikTok videos about how obsessive perfected subtle makeup is more work and more stress than just bouncing two pumps of full coverage foundation on. And I agree it absolutely can get people into an unhealthy place. But it doesn't have to be that way. I can enjoy a dewy blush and a glowing skin tint with my rosacea blemishes peeking out from under a sheer concealer. For me, it's about feeling my best, not about looking perfect.

I still use liquid lipstick, I still love full bright eye looks, I still even contour and slightly overline my lips at times! I like to explore products and application techniques across the spectrum. But I do it in a way that looks good to me when I sit and look in my car mirror. I didn't like looking or feeling like I was wearing a drying mask. Makeup, dewy and natural or matte and full glam, will always looks like makeup. And everyone should be able to enjoy the styles and techniques that work for them without judgment.

If intentionally purchased and thoughtfully reviewed car mirror friendly makeup reviews and techniques sound like something you're interested in, then stick around.

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