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A Love Letter to My Lisa Eldridge Luxuriously Lucent Lipsticks

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Say that title 10 times fast.

But it's true, this is a love letter. These are the perfect lipsticks for me. Hydrating, semi-sheer but buildable so that I can rock my lips but better or go for a bolder but still moisturized pout.

And the colors, absolutely unique, created by a seasoned makeup artist who has an eye not just for tone but undertones and the various pigments that combine to form a single shade that can be flattering on a variety of skin colors.

While Lisa's True Velvet Lip Colour lipsticks with their innovative texture are rightfully iconic, these are the unsung heroes of her line. They are equally deserving of the fanfare their velvet siblings receive each autumn release, and I'm here to be that one woman parade.

Maybe it's because my lips are dry, but there's something about a balmy feeling lipstick that makes me feel alive again when I apply them in the morning, especially in the cooler months. And while mattes seem to dominate in the fall, it's the satin finishes that hold my heart when the humidity from my Southeastern climate has disappeared and I need a salve for my parched lips. Enter these lovelies.

from left to right: Painterly, Rose Official, Kitten Mischief, Go Lightly

I was first introduced to the Lucents when Lisa launched her Summer Pinks collection in July 2019. She introduced them as semi-sheer but buildable, careful to note after one swipe there is absolutely enough payoff for a lovely lip look. I was immediately drawn to Go Lightly, the as of now discontinued ode to the coral pinks Audrey Hepburn would wear in the 60s. While I've since learned coral pinks aren't my most flattering shade, this beauty was clearly well loved by me and I'm very glad I obtained it when I did.

This past summer in 2021 she expanded the Lucents into numerous beautiful shades and I had to confine myself to 3. I was shocked they didn't immediately sell out like many of her past Velvet launches have because these shades are extraordinarily special. Rose Official, a true blue toned rose pink, that is flattering on those of us with lots of blue or purple tones in our natural lip color.

Kitten Mischief, not quite peach or brown or pink, its own unique shade, beguiling like the felines of it's namesake. And Painterly, the shade I will wear if I ever have my vows renewed, the beautiful bitten lip shade, the perfect cool toned red-chocolate brown that makes brown eyes pop. (Spirited Away, it's warmer cousin, is one I haven't had the chance to pick up yet, but have my eye on). While there are certainly lipstick formulas out there that can dupe the hydrating feeling of these lipsticks (Revlon's Super Lustrous lipsticks have a similar feel to me), it takes an artist's trained eye to duplicate these colors, and I haven't seen anyone do it.

I think that's what makes Lisa Eldridge so special, Not only has her integrity and generosity with her knowledge allowed her to cultivate a loyal following via social media, her eye for color sets her apart as an artist's artist, the person who can see the various shades contained in single swatch of paint, who knows color theory so well she can make chameleon shades that somehow complement a variety of people.

It's a skill I don't have but appreciate greatly as a makeup wearer. If you haven't tried a Luxuriously Lucent lipstick, there are still some shades available as of this writing. If you like a hydrating formula, I think you'll adore them.

Two swipe swatches, from top to bottom: Painterly, Rose Official, Kitten Mischief, and Go Lightly


Disclaimer: all of these lipsticks were purchased with my own money and the links are not affiliate.

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