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To Earth We Have Returned: Poems on Religous Trauma

November 11, 2019

To Earth We Have Returned: Poems on Religious Trauma is the result of years of reflection on the loss of faith due to abuse in religious settings. Inspired by my own journey and those of my fellow "bruised reeds" I hope these 40 poems can provide a sanctuary to feel seen in the lonely journey of healing from harm done in the name of God.  Available now on Amazon


Other Work

The poem "The Last Stone" first appeared in Untold Volumes. 

The poem "Passed Over" was also first featured in Untold Volumes

The poem "Holy Communion" was included in the opening of Dr. Christy Sim's important work on equipping ministers to help trauma surivivors, Surivor Care: What Religious Professsionals Need to Know About Healing Trauma


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